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Lu Lab News

Students in Lu lab won two prizes in graduate research day 2022.
Mycal won first prize in senior graduate student category. Clifton won second prize in junior graduate student category. Congratulations!

Our manuscript has been accepted by Science Advances!

Mychal received Ike Muslow fellowship! Congratulations!

Erika is working at NASA Space Radiation Facility in Brookhaven National Laboratory

Mychal gave a talk at Fall Welcome Day of graduate school!

We are linking immune function to social behavior in a recently funded $10 million National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) P20 center grant!

Two coronavirus research grants were awarded to Lu lab to develop a novel animal model for COVID19 research!

Lu lab received a Space Biology Award from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to determine health risk to astronaut's brain en route to Mars !

Lu lab is unraveling pathogenic role of environmental toxicants in Parkinson disease funded by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)!

Congratulations, Dr. El-Saddi!

Lu lab was featured in a Louisiana Public Broadcasting TV-series

Lu Lab in news: Gene editing rids mice of DNA segment linked to autism

Dr. Lu's SFN talk was interviewed and reported in news

Lu lab reunion at SFN meeting, Chicago, 2019!

Xinli's study was selected a Hot Topic at Society for Neuroscience meeting at Chicago.

Madison's presentation draw a crowd at Society for Neuroscience meeting at Chicago

Madison won the first-place platform presentation award at the south central chapter of the society toxicology meeting

Madison gave a talk and won award at the Research and Industry Day (RAID)

Lu lab' new discovery was selected as hot topic at Society for Neuroscience meeting, Chicago, 2019

Dr. Lu was invited to speak and co-chair a symposium at Molecular Psychiatry Association meeting, San Francisco, 2019

Madison and Xinli's genome editing study was selected for SfN Nanosymposium talk.

Congratulations, Dr. Adam Richard!

Our manuscipt has been accpeted to Molecular Psychiatry-Nature and will be featured in cover!

Madison 's TED talk won award at the graduate research day

Lu lab's genome editing study draw attention at Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology at Victoria, British Columbia Canada

Madison received prestigous Ike Muslow fellowship!

SciComm Live! Dr. Lu was invited by Science Matters-Shreveport to discuss Gene-Edited Babies

Industry day talk and poster winner by Adam Richard

March For Science!

Award winner for Junior Science & Humanities Symposium and State Science and Engineering Fair

Adam Received Ike Muslow Fellowship

Madison presented his research at SFN meeting

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